An enormous tree

Buffalo Heading In

So, let’s get started with an excellent illustration of what the word “absolute unit” implies. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, it’s slang meaning anything LARGE. This bison is a whole package. Even though the man tagging and collecting blood samples doesn’t appear to be particularly tall, the bison’s head must be at least five feet long from beginning to end.

Imagine what he’ll be like the rest of his life! This male individual weighs about 3,000 pounds, or 1.5 tons in US terms, about equal to a Toyota Camry.

Giant Baobab Tree

Nature may provide breathtaking examples of not just animals but even plants. This baobab tree is the size of a home and, according to online reports, it might be 6,000 years old.

Regrettably, 45 seconds of investigation demonstrates that this is not the case. After it died, this wood was carbon-dated and shown to be only 1,060 years old, although the oldest known example is 1,275 years old. So, while this baobab is the largest, it isn’t the coolest; in South Africa, there is a baobab tree with a bar within it!

Gray Percheron

These two photographs are of the same equine taken five years apart. A Gray Percheron––a type of powerful draft horse that transitions from a black coat to a gray coat as they get older––is almost as tall as a basketball hoop.

Percherons are descended from the Huisne valley in western France’s old Perche region, from where the breed gets its name. Percherons are recognized for being intelligent and ready to work, despite the fact that they will most likely consume all of your food.

Maine Coon

Vivo may have a name that sounds like a car model, but he’s actually a Maine Coon, a stunning type of cat. He seemed like a regular kitten in the image on the left––at eight weeks old––and while his owners anticipated him to grow, they were in for a treat!

Vivo’s owners couldn’t have known that just four years later, they’d have to kneel down and adore this fuzzy marvel as The King of All Cats Everywhere!

A Horse, Of Course

Hay! When does a horse stop being a horse? When it’s a tank that looks like a horse. You could deploy this jerk into war and he’d single-handedly destroy entire towns while still hoofing it home for supper!

Here he is hauling lumber as they did in the earlier days when forests still existed. When you think about it, it makes more sense to use lumberhorses than of attempting to drive big equipment through woods.

Humongous Dog

We have no clue why this dog is queuing at traffic lights. He could just disregard the traffic lights and cross the street. If he were to be hit by an 18-wheel Mac Truck, the vehicle would be the one who would suffer the most damage. Then he’d get up, lick himself clean, and grin in the face of the driver.

However, based on the Winnie the Pooh soft toy he carries about with him, this sweet boy is clearly a huge softie. Just don’t try to take Winnie away from him or you’ll end up as dinner!

Say No To Vamps

When a recipe calls for two garlic cloves, you think to yourself, “I’ve got just the ticket!” These huge garlic cloves could sustain you for a week and will be useful when the vampire armies arrive on Friday.

If you adhere to the instructions and include these fellas, don’t kiss anybody again, since they’ll melt faster than a vampire in full sun.

A Whale of a Tail

This Squirrel Cat, or squat, is what occurs when cats eventually catch up to squirrels and breed with them. He warms up by the fire during the day, watches afternoon telenovelas, and enjoys cuddles just like any other house cat. When darkness strikes, though, a magnificent metamorphosis takes place…

By night, he effortlessly hops from pine tree to tree, collecting nuts and stockpiling them underground for the cold. Definitely don’t inquire about his nut size. You certainly don’t want to know!

A Fearsome Sheep

This photo and the phrase that goes with it are from Scotland, but don’t worry; we’ll translate it for you. The term “Cannot stop laughing at the sheep my dad saw today,” says the caption, “Cannot stop laughing at the sheep my dad saw today.” The term “absolute unit” refers to a measurement. The only sheep you’ll ever encounter who could work as a nightclub bouncer is this one.

But the youngster wouldn’t be smiling if this monster stood between him and a Glasgow nightclub, yelling, “No trainers, mate!” Sneakers are referred to as “trainers” in the United Kingdom. Mate refers to a friend.

Big Poochie

This massive dog thinks he’s a person, in addition to being an incredible unit! Take a peek at him. What normal dog would sit on a couch like that? His neck chain has to be larger than most people’s belts.

He appears mournful, but don’t worry; his mother loves him, even if his expression implies he’s just done a minute-long silent but powerful dog fart!

Lion In Disguise

Here’s a new Maine Coon for you to enjoy. He may not be as magnificent as Vivo, but he’s three times the size of Vivo, and his Buffalo Bills-supporting owner appears to be having trouble keeping him in check. Maine Coons, which are closely related to Norwegian Forest cats and Siberian cats, can weigh up to 35 pounds and grow to be four feet long.


However, despite their size and weight, they are powerful hunters if their prey can hear them coming a mile away. It’s a good thing they can catch their own food; else, feeding them would need a billionaire!


Avocadoes were studied by the California Avocado Commission to see if they are an aphrodisiac. “63 percent of the professional psychologists, dietitians, and scientists polled regarded the avocado an aphrodisiac,” the research concluded.

“60 percent of respondents stated they knew of particular situations in which a person’s love life had increased after ingesting the delicious fruit,” according to the study. Because she was “occupied upstairs with her spouse,” the woman in this photo was unavailable for comment.
Please don’t inquire!

Buffalo Springfield?

When the individual who uploaded this photo was a youngster, their father used to take them outside of town to feed the buffalo, so it’s no surprise they dubbed this hulking beast Big Daddy!

Consider how many buffalo wings Big Daddy would provide. What exactly do you mean when you say buffalo wings aren’t made from buffalos? Keep your mouth shut! They can’t possibly be from chickens! That is illogical. Oh. Buffalo wings are said to have originated in Buffalo, New York, according to Wikipedia. At the very least, we now know what that huge guy consumes in order to grow so big!

Colossal Cabbage

There is no information about the location of this image, although it might be Russian, indicating that the lady is a Babushka (grandmother) Babushka, an Olympic shot-put performer! We’re curious as to how many recipes this colossal cabbage was utilized in.

Perhaps she’s preparing to prepare a year’s worth of cabbage soup for the community. Or maybe she’ll go ten-pin bowling? No, we’ve figured it out; she’ll create some power-kraut!

Watermelon Deception

This contributor’s father was ecstatic because he’d finally grown a huge watermelon. When he cut the luscious fruit open, however, he was in for a major surprise when he discovered something quite different within.


It turns out that it wasn’t even a watermelon. Instead, he grew a massive cucumber. Dad, you can be such a vegetable at times!

Gone Whaling

The Blue Whale is the world’s biggest living creature (Balaenoptera musculus). This example dwarfs this boat, which is unsurprising given that they may grow to be 100 feet (30 meters) long and weigh up to 200 tons, which is equivalent to 33 elephants.

Don’t be alarmed if the thought of such a large animal makes you uncomfortable. By sifting krill from the ocean water, they eat virtually entirely. Some of the world’s largest blue whales may consume up to six tons of krill in a single day!

Big Ol’ Canine

This enormous dog appears to reside next door to the Babushka with the cabbage that we previously saw. We’re not sure what they’re putting in the water up there, but it appears to have a Super Soldier Serum-like impact on the local flora and animals.

A super-sized mutant cat may be seen sitting on the chair behind Babushka if you look attentively. The dog ate both cats and Grandma seconds after this shot was taken. We can’t say for sure, but it’s possible.

Giant Seal

Some seals, like people, are content in their own skin. This gigantic example could care less about what others say; he’s as content as a pig in mud!

A Large Fluff

This dog has fluffed up to the size of a small sheep after falling asleep in the hair parlor while receiving a perm! Wait a second; we’ve got a better comparison.


In the Christmas Story movie, the poor permed puppy looks like Ralphie’s younger brother, all wrapped up and ready to brave the snow on his way to school! “I can’t put my arms down!”… “When you go to school, put your arms down!”


Snowzilla, he rises from the depths, 30 stories high, and breathes fire! This has to be one of the largest snowmen ever constructed, and it must have taken an army of local youngsters hours to create. We’re blown away!

If this creature had come to life like the frosty gentleman in Raymond Briggs’ classic Christmas fable, The Snowman, the little child would not be happy. Of course, he’d trample her if he did. Oh, and if you’re curious about where the huge carrot for his nose came from, keep scrolling!

Missing Her Pup

“12 years ago, you grabbed my heart, 7 years ago you passed – I stumbled discovered you in my old photographs, maybe giving you tribute is permitted,” this contributor said beside a photo of their long-lost beloved dog.

Of sure, paying tribute to Bob is acceptable. He appears to be the perfect decent boy. Bob should be immortalized as a statue, as he stands 5’8″ tall. We hope you’re having fun chasing bunnies in paradise, as all dogs do. Bob, may you rest in peace.


At first, we assumed a shwarma truck had collided with the bridge, dropping five raw gyros into the river. We’re not sure what the actual term for those massive rotating meat cones is, but the meat-loving Brits allegedly refer to them as elephant’s feet, which is a fantastic picture.


However, following closer inspection, we discovered that these were not “elephant’s feet,” but rather manatees who had come to be fed. They may weigh up to a ton and are also known as sea cows. We’re sure they’re wonderful. Consider them whirling on a skewer in a shawarma joint! I’m only joking.

Massive Man

Respectfully, ladies and gentlemen, meet Andre Rush, a celebrity chef and war veteran from the United States. For four administrations, the retired US Army Master Sergeant worked as a Chef at the White House. Well, three administrations, because Donald Trump notoriously ate fast food most of the time.

His 24-inch biceps and powerful body have recently made headlines. Andre completed 2,222 pushups instead of the 22 Pushup Challenge to raise awareness for the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. It may appear that we made it up, but it’s true.

Big Bird

The fastest animal on the planet is the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), often known as the duck hawk in North America. They’ve been seen diving at speeds of 242 mph (390 kph) and have unique bones in their noses to protect their lungs from air pressure.

With that in mind, you’d expect them to be elegant and sleek animals. However, because he is constructed like a tank, he does not need to dive to grab his prey. He just waits out outside butcher shops after the gym, intimidating the workers into giving him select off-cuts.

Tiger Fish Toothers

In African rivers and lakes such as the Congo and Lake Tanganyika, the Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) can be found. The record-breaking one weighed 154 pounds (70 kilograms), but you should have seen the one that got away!

Because of their unique, proportionately big teeth, they are linked with tigers in Africa and are formidable predators. So, if you see a No Swimming sign in Africa, be cautious because one of these guys might easily rip your arm off.

Super Eagle

This lovely Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is such an all-American creature that he eats at McDonald’s four times a day and orders extra-large if the service remembers to ask!

While you would assume she acquired her remarkable seven-foot wingspan from eating Big Macs, she’s actually an adventurous feeding sea eagle that only eats Fillet-of-Fish… and the occasional Chicken McNugget! Is that a form of cannibalism?

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

When you were a youngster and you wanted to play soccer but didn’t have any equipment, you could put your sweatshirt on the ground and use it as goalposts? But what if you didn’t have access to a soccer ball? You’d dispatch Johnny to track down the nearest fat bullfrog!

Okay, kids, we’re not promoting striking froggies. That would be inhumane. But look at how big and rotund this guy is!

Crying Wolf

When he was younger, this dog on the left was a real darling. But his owner was in for a rude awakening when he changed into one of Game of Thrones’ dire wolves when he was just two years old.

He would have devoured the grandmother in this shot by the age of three. He’d be the size of Fenrir, the enormous wolf from Norse mythology that triggered Ragnarok by eating the sun, by the age of four.

That’s Ms. Fluff To You

Is this a huge puffy brown and cream Maine Coon, or a brown cat dressed in his owner’s fur coat? It’s tough to say, but he’s a gorgeous specimen in any case.

You’ll have a hard time convincing him to scooch up to create room on the couch. He owns this sofa, and he’s not moving for anyone! But smoked salmon could persuade him, because this furry fashionista definitely appreciates the finest things in life, as seen by his beautiful fur coat!

Enormous Echidna

This enormous ball of echidna had to go to the wildlife hospital after being hit by a car, which may seem like the beginnings of a comedy.
She’s alright, don’t worry. This egg-laying, milk-producing animal from Australia and New Guinea may appear fluffy and adorable, but don’t be deceived.

Spiny ant-eaters use their spines for defense and have strong claws for digging. These creatures are said to be able to shoot their spines, although this is rural mythology.

He is the Walrus

“I Am The Walrus” was made famous by the Beatles, but this aquatic beast has different ideas! He believes he is The Only Walrus, and he can sing “Coo-Coo-Cachoo” nonstop. Before we clashed with him, hell may freeze over. Look at the size of those tusks!


He presumably believed he was using his tusks to fight in the Cold War when he boarded this submarine. In reality, he was involved in the Cod War, a 1970s fishing territorial dispute between the United Kingdom and Iceland. It’s a simple error to make.


Can you figure out what this colossal pitbull’s name is? He wasn’t named Butkus like Sylvester Stallone’s bull mastiff, nor did he respond “Yes, Sir… anything you say, Sir.” Instead, he’s known as the Hulk, and he eats small people like you for breakfast.

While this is undoubtedly a massive specimen, we must address the issue of forced perspective. Subjects in the front might appear to be considerably larger than they are. One of the ways they made the humans appear so huge and the hobbits look so little in The Lord of the Rings movies was by using forced perspective.

Mr. Puddly

Tweety Pie, the cartoon character from Looney Tunes, wouldn’t need his catchphrase “I did, I did, I did taw a puddy tat!” while Mr. Puddly is in the vicinity! That’s because you can’t really miss him, so there’d be no question!


So far, we’ve highlighted a few large Maine Coons, and you should be able to tell them apart based on their distinctive characteristics. This huge cat, on the other hand, appears to be a regular house kitten who discovered the food cabinet when mom wasn’t looking.

Horsing Around

Although this pony isn’t very tall, have a peek at the girth! Do you recall the pony from Lord of the Rings? Bill was his name, and The Fellowship abandoned him outside the Mines of Moria, where he was eaten for lunch by a tentacled lake monster.

We’d call this small but stalwart pony Gimli since we’re betting he’d be useless in a marathon but “exceptionally good over short distances.”
An inch and three quarters are examples of short lengths. 4.445 centimeters, if you’re reading this in Europe.

The Chonk

This guy appears a bit frightened, but it’s just because he can detect a can of cat food being opened from a distance of twelve miles. That answers why he resembles a feline version of South Park’s Eric Cartman!

Unless he (or she) is 90 percent hair and 10% cat, of course. That might very well be the case. Consider the magnitude of the furballs it produces! They’d look like huge tumbleweeds, but they’d be made of fur. And it’s all kept together by cat spit.


Elvis is a saltwater crocodile (or saltie in Australian slang) who resides in Steve Irwin’s renowned Wildlife Park. Elvis weighs 1,100 pounds and is well about 15 feet tall!

Elvis became famous across the world after stealing his keeper’s lawnmower in 2011 and is dubbed the “George Clooney of the crocodile world.” He just had his 55th birthday, which he celebrated with a full cow’s leg as a birthday cake.

Major Mulberries

These Mulberries, also known as Morus alba in Latin, are berry, berry large. We estimate that a handful will yield at least one jar of excellent jam. Imagine the immensity of the mulberry bush from whence they originated. It has to be seen from space!

The traditional nursery rhyme “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” would take a week to complete with these excellent examples… on a train. Silkworms consume mulberry bushes, and they can’t weave silk if they don’t have them.

Macarons For Days

Again, we had no idea what this pink and white creature was at first sight. Someone on Reddit speculated that it may have been someone’s grandmother’s dentures in close proximity to the camera. We then assumed it was another case of forced perspective when we learned it was a French macaron.


However, when we saw the lady’s thumbs, we discovered they were really enormous! Do you believe she only made this one macaron or did she make a batch of two dozen to store for later? If that’s the case, how did she come up with the money for an industrial-sized oven? You didn’t consider that, did you? It’s a good thing we’ve arrived.

Wandering Albatross

The Wandering Albatross is the world’s biggest flying bird. Although ostriches are larger, we do not believe they should be considered birds because they cannot fly. Pterodactyls were larger than birds, yet they were not birds. And they’re no longer around, so don’t bring them up.

These majestic birds, with wingspans of up to 11 feet, can fly for years without touching ground, but they do need to land on the water to hunt fish and rest. They have complicated and amusing mating dances that take years to master. It’s worth it, though, since once they find a partner, they tend to stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Super Horse!

This powerful horse is so muscly that it appears to have been drawn by a 1950s Superman comic book illustrator. He may not be winning any races, but he has a 110 percent muscle mass percentage. He can also fly and fire laser beams from his eyes, in addition to working for The Daily Planet.

Could that be Italian-American actor and 1980s model Fabio, with his magnificent blonde mane? Yes, the more we consider it, the more likely it is Fabio Lanzoni’s half-human, half-horse offspring.

Polar Doggo

Hello there, you! You with the baseball cap, of course! What are you thinking by allowing such a creature into your home? Are you unaware that polar bears are dangerous?

What exactly do you mean when you say it’s a puppy? From The Legend of Korra, she resembles Avatar Korra’s feminine polar bear dog Naga. Alternatively, she might be an Alabay or Alabai, a Central Asian shepherd dog.

Nosy Carrot

So, do you recall the colossal snowman from earlier? We believe here is where the huge carrot for his nose was discovered. It’s anyone’s guess how they got it twenty feet up to his head.

This monstrosity of a vegetable appeared in this lady’s weekly food delivery box. And we have a pretty good idea what that dog is feeling. He has a concerned expression on his face since he knows what she’ll do with the carrot if he turns his back. Of course, you may use it to make a snowman’s nose. What did you think we were talking about?

Bearly Understandable

We’ve seen some incredible animals today, but this is the one I wouldn’t want to battle. He is a Grolar Bear or a Pizzly Bear, despite the sign reading “Alaska Brown Bear” (whom this guy ate). Although they are also known as grizzlars and nanulaks. “A what?” you might wonder. We can hear your sobs.

Grolar Bears are a cross between Grizzly and Polar Bears. They primarily derive through zoo interbreeding, although they can sometimes be seen in the wild. Some scientists say the Yeti is a Grizzly Bear/Polar Bear hybrid since Grolars frequently walk on two legs.

Borzoi Boi

Borzoi is the name of the dog breed, and what a whiffer this nice lad is! While the Borzois’ sense of smell is so acute that they can detect a kipper on the moon, they may be scoffed at in dog school. If there were kippers on the moon, I’d eat them all. There aren’t any.


Russian Hunting Sighthounds are another name for Borzois. Russian Wolfhounds, or Russian Wolfhounds before the 1930s. Their snout evolved so that they could get their noses to the base of dog food cans, and they developed in 17th century Russia by combining Arabian sighthounds with a more thick-coated variety.

Puffed-Up Pumpkin

No, this isn’t Donald Trump nude; this happy farmer––most likely from the deep south, judging by his oral hygiene and baseball cap––believes he’s just won the pumpkin growing competition. Headline news just arrived… yes folks, we have a winner!


James Wyatt Garth Brooks Ernie Ford III is the winner’s name. James and the Giant Pumpkin is how we’ll refer to him. A Roald Dahl figure could certainly fly away in that thing… if it didn’t weigh the same as a tiny vehicle, of course.

Angry Kitty

People frequently wonder what their animals are thinking, but with this fluff monster, it’s quite easy to figure out. She is just thinking about one thing. “Feed Me Now… if you don’t, I’ll devour you!” is the thinking.

She watches the table and keeps the fire burning during the long winter evenings, looking like the Big Boss gatekeeping keeper from the conclusion of a computer game––Dr. Robotnik, anyone? We’re happy there’s a fireguard on that fire since sparks and cat fur don’t mix well!

Flexing Dolphin

This guy is shredded to the point of having a six-pack! That’s why, despite the fact that he’s not really a dolphin, we’re going to name him Dolphin Lundgren. He’s a Beluga Whale that was observed flexing his muscles in Canada by whale watcher David Merron.

He was mobbed by feminine whales after posing for photographs and went off to snuggle with one of his adoring female groupies. And you thought a pod, not a group, was the collective word for whales!

Inflatable Duck

The enormity of this bad boy might be explained in four ways! He devoured the golden egg, for starters. The second is that he swallowed big bullfrog the size of a soccer ball from earlier.

The third is gavage, a harsh procedure that involves fattening geese and ducks in order to make foie gras pâté from their liver. Finally, he might have just consumed all of the pies!

This Squirrel Is Nuts

We’ve all seen those agile, Tom Cruise-like squirrels navigating assault courses set to Mission Impossible soundtrack in order to get to nuts goodies. They finish the feats, gather their nuts, and flee underground to store their nuts for the winter.

This person, on the other hand, could care less. He’s having a good time chilling out. He’s not required to bury his nuts. He’s just going to devour them right now. We have a feeling this guy will make it through the winter just fine!

Junk in the Trunk

We’ve saved the finest for last, as always! Some people refer to their toilets as their thrones, and this one is certainly deserving of the title. In fact, it’s appropriate for Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n’ Roll.

The erstwhile sex icon swelled to 350 pounds in his dying days on a diet of deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “I’m going to the restroom to read,” he said before passing out on the loo from a heart attack. It took three men to lift his lifeless corpse, and they described themselves as “all shaken up” following the ordeal. Uh-huh-huh. That’s all we have to say for now. Elvis has exited the premises.