Alien arrival

It’s been confirmed, people. The aliens have finally landed, and they don’t come in peace. The only positive thing we could glean from this picture is her goggles — which are probably unedited, in all likelihood. Everything else going on here, though, definitely needs to be addressed on some level.

u/force73 via Reddit

We’ll start with the obvious — the face. Clearly the nose, mouth, eyes, and practically everything else have been touched up to some degree. What’s especially perplexing is the hair, because it clearly looks natural, which is in stark contrast to the rest.

Eyes to behold

This picture caused us to do the good ol’-fashioned double take, because we simply aren’t used to seeing a person look almost akin to a Ken Doll. But aside from the shiny, almost-too-hard-to-believe glossy skin, can we talk about the man’s eyes (don’t worry, we’ll address that bracelet, too)?

heartofangelus via Reddit

We have to say, it almost seems like they are glass eyes; but simply put, it’s just yet another — presumably — Photoshop tactic, obviously. As for the bracelet, it seems speculation would say that they’re Swarovski bracers with extra bling and glam courtesy of Photoshop, of course.  

When your arms are bigger than every part of your body

This picture is one of heavy distortion in both the aesthetic and practical sense. For the former, it’s just plain abnormal. Imagine the waist, which is one of the basic foundations for the upper body, being a mere fraction of the width necessary to hold up the rest of the body.

user via Reddit

Now for a more extrapolated take on the aesthetic factor; we are definitely in an age in our society where practically unattainable body types are glorified. So we shouldn’t be surprised when the inevitable result is a plethora of fake social media photos.

A ‘slight’ touch-up

This is yet another one of those examples where the subject looks much better without makeup (although isn’t this a general rule for people who put on too much makeup?). On the right, the woman looks perfectly fine and normal, besides the somewhat bewildering look on her face–but that’s besides the point.

afg_king1 via Reddit

It constantly amazes us to see people who look completely fine without Photoshop to actually try and frequently enhance their photos. Our advice to the masses: you all look fine the way you are; and you don’t need to change anything. It’s all about mental well-being!

When your hair is unaffected by the “rain

Whoever knew technology has progressed to the point where we can produce fake rain at any given moment? Well apparently, that’s what the producer(s) of this picture assumed when they posted it to social media. Aside from how their hair is staying perfectly dry, it looks like there are other issues going on, too.

bokoutoo via Reddit

If you look at their bodies, they’re almost perfectly synonymous, which is practically impossible when it comes to reality and how the human body works. Also how are these people so happy in the rain? That doesn’t seem to be believable either.

Living in italics?

Italics are definitely commonplace in writing; but not in body contortions. That is except if one is dealing with contortionists–but that’s not what we’re talking about, here. What’s even funnier is this picture pretty much encapsulates everything mentioned prior in terms of how unnecessary it is overall.

User via Imgur

Truly, it’s hard to see how anyone could not notice the photo editing atrocity that is the final rendering of this photograph. There is no way someone’s back can contort like that, even if one was talking about a professional contortionist. Not to mention if it were real, she would’ve had to elongate her back somehow.

Wondrous Wendy?

One of the many ‘benefits’ of celebrity stardom is often all of the accompanying cosmetic features like frequent touch-ups and facial procedures. Such is most likely the case with Wendy Williams, host of The Wendy Williams Show, which made its debut in 2008.

jezebellrae via Reddit

And while we may find the pressures and nuances of infamy incomprehensible, we’re not sure whether that necessitates the lengths she went to edit this photo. Although we realize it may not have been here, either.

Magazine vs. reality

In terms of the photo editing world, it’s one thing to tediously touch up your photos when you are an average citizen. However, it’s another thing entirely when you have some measure of prominence because you’re able to afford much more cosmetic touch-ups than the average Joe (as mentioned previously).

probglum via Reddit

Her expression on the left pretty much sums up everything: “why am I being so heavily edited?” Well, the answer is pretty simple, it’s what drives consumer-related activity! One could almost say the magazine world is responsible for the advent of photo editing on a massive scale.

Fountain of youth?

As photo editing capabilities gain in notoriety and complexity, you’ll start to see older people look much younger than they really are. In some cases, this can almost reach the point where people look almost entirely dissimilar. When you think about it, however, maybe that is the whole point.

mcv_inmia via Reddit

Maybe, just maybe, these people want to look like someone entirely different altogether. To think this would be the end-goal is almost Orwellian of sorts, but certainly makes one think about what the future has in store for society in the 21st century.

Mugging for a Photoshop

It should go without saying that if you do have to pose for a mug photo, the last thing you should be worrying about is how it looks. Suffice to say, it seems that this (convict?) didn’t get the memo on that one.

Iamtomisbehave151 via Reddit

However, in this instance, the woman should be more concerned about her future rather than whether her mug shot photo holds water on Instagram. But hey, that goes to show you the sway of social media in this day and age.

A perilous friendship?

This is probably one of the more hilarious pictures on here, especially when you consider it looks like one of those “best friends forever” photographs. But it seems as though the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when you take a closer look.

fismer via Reddit

For the photo on the left, you can see one of the friends looks much different than the photo on the right, and vice versa. Suffice to say, it would seem that each one of these pictures were on a different profile for their respective accounts. So basically, it’s a Photoshop battle.

The camera sheds or adds a few pounds

You know how the saying goes: the camera adds a few pounds; or in this case the camera -or rather Photoshop or whatever medium the user employed- takes off some weight. In keeping with the underlying theme of these photos, the subject in question is already relatively pretty.

korabdrg via Reddit

This of course lends to the question as to why someone would want to go to such great lengths to edit their photos. Perhaps it’s the sort of never ending chase for perfection–something that is of course impossible to obtain.

Hourglass antics

In keeping with the familiar theme, this picture shows a woman who took the whole hourglass caricature to new heights. Of course, many know of the ‘barbie’ woman who has gained ground around the Internet; and while the absurdity of her pictures is certainly an awe to behold, this picture is certainly within the realm of unbelievability.

viendla via Reddit

But all of the antics aside, this picture just couldn’t be real from a biological perspective. How could a frame so small hold someone’s large and small intestines, for starters. And that’s not even addressing her ribs all of the rest of her other organs, too.

Fence distortion

Who knew the Colosseum could resemble something more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, with the power of photo editing technology, it can! In addition to the blurred effect going on with the Colosseum, the fencing also appears to be altered quite considerably, too.

RadAway via Reddit

But who are we to say it’s the photo editing, in this case? She could have a very strong vice grip on that railing–making it visibly bend quite a bit. This picture probably got us to laugh the most out of the rest on this list due to the editing disaster that is this picture.

Illusions at 20,000 feet

Who doesn’t love to fly? While we get that some people might not be a fan of it (especially when there is lots of turbulence) you have to appreciate the awesome views–of course, depending on where you are. In this photo, however, the view almost seems too good to believe.

super_corndog via Reddit

What’s sad is she clearly used a Google stock photo grab and pasted it into her picture, which is pretty lazy. We would think most of these people would be more inclined to put a little more effort into their Photoshop skills (or lack thereof).

All Blown out

This might be a case where the photo editing skills were much needed; and certainly were the saving grace for the subject in question. And while there is definitely an obvious difference between the two, it’s safe to say that this woman reaped many benefits from her Photoshop experience.

nokia621 via Reddit

In this case, we’re all for her decision. Certainly, in some instances, a good ole fashioned photo edit is necessary, and this is certainly one of those cases. She was in dire need of an upgrade, and we applaud this decision  

Wiley Kylie

It almost goes without saying that Kylie Jenner has taken over the inter-webs in the early 21st century. After all, she’s a part of one of the more controversial families in prominent popular culture. With that said, it’s almost inevitable some photo editing will come into play. 

nokia621 via Reddit

For Kylie, the changes were obvious. The photo on the right was taken during a television show; and the picture on the left was posted on her Instagram. Suffice to say, she certainly didn’t have to do this. She looks good either way!

Skipping leg day

Sometimes, you just have to laugh when you look at these pictures. In this one, there is no way her body is equipped to withstand the weight of a certain asset that is being amplified thanks to the horrendous editing job. We can probably blame the editor on this one, simply because it doesn’t reflect reality.

Hlokty10 via Reddit

If this picture were real, it can probably be assumed her legs would buckle under the duress of her backside. Of course, we can probably blame Kim Kardashian (speaking of the Jenner family) for propagating this trend. 

Just plain creepy

Many people will go to great lengths to mask any sort of facial scarring, acne, etc. But this person may have taken it too far. For starters, you can tell the shading between her hand and face. For most people, the difference in shading wouldn’t be so stark.

InternetSweetie via Reddit

Now let’s address the most glaring issue: the face. We are going to be as nice as possible, here, and say that she didn’t intend to look like something out of a horror movie. In fact, in all likelihood, this woman is beautiful without the editing technology.

Barbie-like skin tone? Must be legit

Apparently, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the amplification of one’s skin tone. This seems to be a familiar trend in the photo editing sphere, where the subject in question feels the need to digitally enhance their skin so that it appears they have no visible blemishes at all.

nincomsnoop via Reddit

Of course, without taking Photopshop into account, this woman didn’t have to go through all of the trouble to ‘optimize’ this photo. But, because of whatever conceptualization these people have of beauty, they feel like this is normal.

That’s one ab too many

Now we have the other side of the spectrum, where a new kind of visual acceptance is applied. This almost seems like a different kind of sense of warped reality from the previous photo–where facial beauty seemed to be the focal point.

Pabadacus via Reddit

Meanwhile, there’s the other side of the photo editing spectrum–physical prowess and dominance through visuals. This is what we see here, with the practical impossible physique on full display. Not even steroids could result with the end result you see here in this picture! 

Half distortion

Look very closely at this picture, because it took us a moderate amount of time to spot what ended up being a glaring inconsistency–that is the entire left side of this photograph. This goes to show that not all photos are solely made for enhancing the subject in question. Sometimes, it could just be a failure altogether.

mdb5848 via Reddit

And while we aren’t professional photo editors by any means, this picture was done pretty poorly. The entire left side looks like it’s about to be sucked into a black hole outside of the frame. Who knows, maybe that’s what’s happening.

The dangling arm

We know that it’s important to have a slender physique in order to be ‘socially accepted’ in this society, but this picture is yet another example of going too far. Clearly, this woman’s arm is not capable of cradling virtually the entire length of the mini couch she’s sitting on.

TrretsSndrum via Reddit

If this were actually the case, she would have to be at least six foot five or taller for that to be a realistic possibility. Of course, this could be probable, but the likelihood isn’t too high. So we’ll go out on a limb and say this is fake. 

Shins for days

Speaking of irregularly shaped body parts, this picture certainly needs to be mentioned in that category, too. Again, we know there are plenty of beautiful, tall women out there. But when it comes to these photos, it’s pretty obvious we aren’t looking at a natural person.

LesbianJesus2 via Reddit

If it were real, one would have to ask how it would be physically possible to perform regular exerting tasks like walking, for example, without having some type of unnatural amount of pain. It almost seems like the main theme of these photos is to transcend humanity itself.

Need a hand?

Sometimes, you just have to commend the photo editors on hiding what would otherwise be an obvious mistake on any given picture. In this one, you have to look closely to spot the abnormality. Can you spot it? If you really focus, you will see that there is something wrong with her hand resting on her hip.

arkeketa123 via Reddit

Just kidding! Her hand is actually not edited at all. The real answer actually lies in the man’s hand. The only question that remains is why the photographer decided this would be a good idea. We can only speculate as to why.

…and jaw

There can only be so many things we could describe about this photo. It’s kind of hard to know even where to start. But we’ll give it our best shot anyway. Perhaps the most startling (and glaring) part of this photo is his jawline–there is no conceivable way that has any semblance of reality.

aerglows via Reddit

That’s not the only issue here either. His right arm also appears to have some irregular scarring going on that’s probably yet another product of the horrendous Photoshop job. To top it all off, you could also make the argument that many other things in the picture are fake, too.

Legs from another dimension

We’re not sure whether this is just a visual trick or another Photoshop gaffe. We’ll probably go with the latter in keeping with the overarching theme. In any case, if we were to assume this was somehow real (and we would be living in a parallel universe), how could this person even walk?

glebmaister via Reddit

Presumably, those legs wouldn’t be sturdy enough to support much pressure, let alone minimal to moderate weight in general. Look, we understand that long legs are preferable, but this editing job took that concept a little too far.

The backside that bent time and space

Yet another apparent theme is the desire to accentuate a certain, ‘asset’, of the body. You can probably thank your typical reality TV stars for this trend. In this picture, the subject took it upon herself to attempt this, but pretty much entirely failed in the process.

teddybananas via Reddit

However, this one is too fake for you to handle, we would suggest trying to imagine a photo editing job that was so bad, that it actually warped our dimension. Hey, at least somebody could probably make a low budget science fiction movie from that concept.

Warped buttocks

As mentioned before, we live in strange times. Notwithstanding is the ushering in of the diaper backside. This picture offers a quintessential example of that. Of course, we can probably thank Kim Kardashian for making this the norm. As to whether this somewhat recent cultural movement -albeit constrained to the younger generation- is healthy, is another story altogether.

User via Imgur

Of course, you would have to be pretty gullible to believe this is a natural photo. But what’s more pressing is how this is considered normal. As to why, your guess is probably as good as ours.

Junk in the trunk and everywhere else

This picture is another example of when someone posts a picture to social media -usually Instagram- and is oftentimes heavily edited. For the picture on the left, it’s clearly posted to her social media. However, the one on the right tells a much different story.

mdk15 via Reddit

Clearly, there is quite a big difference going on between these two, with the left photograph being posted within the same week as the other one. And the same photo being a ‘tagged’ photograph–meaning someone posted it without any filters, presumably.

Bold differences

This is one of many examples on this list of someone who is actually quite pretty without any photo editing. In this case, she looks OK with the Photoshop edits, but it’s clearly unnecessary. Of course, this makes us to inevitably wonder whether these modern trends are truly worth it.

genericpurr3 via Reddit

Of course, it can be argued as to whether these kinds of photo edits are actually beneficial for people with low self-esteem. But hey, who knows, maybe it does help those people to some degree.