David Beckham

David Beckham is no stranger to success. Having accumulated so much fame that he is now known around the world for both his football playing and his superlative good looks, he’s been able to erect an empire of status that us normal people are obligated to gawk at. Anyways, within this success lies some strange habits…

Ian C via Flickr

One of the many strange things that Mr. Beckham does is double the contents of his refrigerator. Pickles? Make it two jars. A bag of carrots? Double it. Ultimately, every item in the superstar’s refrigerator must be doubled in order for his well-being to remain in tact. Fortunately, he has the means by which to perform this simple multiplication. 

Britney Spears

While Britney Spears rode the roller coaster of fame up and down over the past few decades, she has done so with a multiplicity of weird and strange habits. A few of these might sound familiar to you. The one that we want it point out is likely familiar in some form to a great many of you: biting your nails. 

Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

When Britney would go through her stressful times (and jeez she’s had a great number of them), she wouldn’t always resort to shaving her head. Her nails, in fact, would get the worst of it. When stressed, the megastar felt a need to chew. And, unfortunately for her cuticles, the things she wanted to chew would be them. Sorry, nails. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has had a thriving acting career. Having starred in movies as diverse as Chicago, The Terminal, and The Mask of Zorro, she’s had to have shown people a litany of weird habits along the way. One of the most curious isn’t exactly that bad for you — in fact, it might be good. 

David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Catherine Zeta-Jones, according to every person that has ever known her, has an indefatigable hunger for strawberries. So while other stars might take to their nails or to fast food, Zeta-Jones takes the high route. Fortunately for her — and those who might want to emulate the superstar actress — this high route is healthy. 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is arguably one of the most successful people on the planet. While he didn’t make his fame by getting good at football or dancing on stage, he did manufacture some of the most adept technology at the early age of the internet. So what, exactly, interesting and strange habits might this world’s billionaire enjoy? 

Kuhlmann/MSC via Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Gates likes to read before he sleeps. This, along with the strawberries compulsively downed by Zeta-Jones, is one of the healthier habits on our list of successful people. Reading, in case you were unaware, is extraordinarily healthy for the brain. And, for Gates, it’s also helpful for getting him to fall asleep!

Cameron Diaz

Some of the habits on this list, as you’re soon to find out, don’t necessarily come from the rational parts of the brain. Some, however, do. And Cameron Diaz, an A-list celebrity with a once-thriving career starring aside the likes of Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey, gives us a mixture of both. 

David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

The weird habit that she happens to express is with her elbows: when she finds a door she must open, she opens it with her elbows. Now, this isn’t exactly that strange. Okay, yes it is. But it’s not unhealthy. In fact, the habit is sure to keep her free from the many germs that line the dirty handles. Perhaps this lets her maintain her good health for longer.  

Jennifer Aniston

Having been married to Brad Pitt, created her own thriving movie career, and become something of an America’s sweetheart, Aniston is known to many. In fact, her career starring alongside the likes of Vince Vaughn and the cast of Friends has skyrocketed her into a near-permanent spot in the spotlight. 

Chuck Kennedy via Wikimedia Commons

And it’s here that we learn of some of her more interesting — albeit it strange — habits. What Aniston swears by has something to do with planes. What she tends to do is always walk into the plane with her right foot. Weird! Anyways, this idiosyncrasy, while not necessarily healthy or unhealthy, is certainly unique. 

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has become a popstar of a formidable nature. Having sung songs as popular as “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “We Belong Together,” and “Without You,” she has propelled herself to the tops of the charts. And with this, she has cemented some fairly bizarre habits. One habit in particular is especially weird. 

Pixabay via Pexels

Carey feels it imperative to eat a minimum of at least three purple foods per week. So what foods might this entail? Think eggplants, grapes, beets. Each of these different foods helps the singer maintain her mental and physical well-being — and also her favorite color. Whatever it is, she gets her fair share of purple. 

Arianna Huffington 

Arianna Huffington, the founder and and President of The Huffington Post, is another person with some habits that we might want to look at. While not a famous singer or actor, she is wildly successful for her business acumen and expertise. So what, exactly, does she do that might be strange or worthy of emulation? 

JD Lasica via Flickr

Arianna Huffington likes to practice mindfulness meditation. While the habit is not unique to her — and is in fact growing in popularity in industrialized nations across the world — it is one to take note of. She says the practice helps her to focus and maintain site on her goals. The research tends to agree. 

Johnny Depp

There are not as many strange and clearly unique actors as Johnny Depp. Having starred in so many movies that he could (and did, in fact) buy his own island, the superstar has accumulated a decent number of weird and strange habits. And what, exactly, does Johnny Depp do that many others likely do not? Well, he collects Barbie Dolls. 

Bielbienneboy via Wikimedia Commons

Weird. Anyways, while full-grown adults and others might find the trait weird and bizarre, it is totally the norm for our Deppian superstar. If you were to enter one of the many houses owned by the man, don’t be surprised if a handful of his rooms are dedicated to the pink and Barby-licious things. Can’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Halle Berry 

The are plenty of habits many of us have that we’d rather not have. Nail-biting is likely one of these. But there are definitely more. And who better than one of the most beautiful actresses on Earth to show us another. Halle Berry, the superstar actress tends to get a little too bite-y on her cheeks. And what, exactly, do we mean by this? 

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Well, Halle Berry likes to chew on her cheeks from the inside. Healthy? We’re tempted to say not. The uncomfortable habit is likely an unpleasantry she has to cope with. In fact, we’re tempted to suggest that she seek help — professional help. Okay, maybe not. But maybe she should consider some orally healthier alternatives!

Steve Jobs

Other wildly successful people have their own self-defining oddities. One such person is Steve Jobs. And you might have been able to guess Steve Jobs’s — the pioneer behind Apple’s iPhone and other such inventions — bizarre habit: he liked to wear the same thing everyday. And what, exactly, did he wear? 

Matt Buchanan via Wikimedia Commons

Well this is likely something you could have guessed. The man became somewhat notorious for always wearing a black turtleneck with jeans. Very strange. While we could recognize the utility of only having one outfit, many of us would find it difficult to follow suit. We like a little variety in our lives. Anyways, Steve Jobs had a very strange habit indeed. 

Mila Kunis

The star from That’s ‘70’s Show, Mila Kunis, has definitely had a flourishing career. Going from the eight-season-long series to staring in her own movies, the actress has picked up some strange habits. Actually, she had these habits long before she began starring in her own films. One of these habits is terrible foods. 

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Mila Kunis, as loathe as she is to admit it, likes to eat her fair share of junk foods. So while other actors might fastidiously watch their diet, counting calories and sticking to carrot sticks, she hits the pasty and burgers with an uncanny fervor. While she attempts to lose weight prior to performing, the habit definitely isn’t good for her. 


Rihanna is another of these famous vocalists that might have accumulated a habit that she’d be better off without. And what, exactly, might be her vice? Well, Rihanna likes to compulsively use social media. So while others of us might be off living our lives, not tweeting and instagramming our every move, Rihanna is on these platforms advertising her life. 

DoD News via Wikimedia Commons

While we get that using social media has become a near-necessity in the modern era, we also understand that moderation is key. And while Rihanna’s habit is certainly not strange — so many people do the same things — we can recognize that it isn’t exactly the most healthy. We’d learn from her lifestyle and be better off for it. 

Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein is one of the most successful scientists on this planet. While working as a patent clerk, Einstein enlivened the world with stupendously complex — and difficult-to-comprehend conundrums — that would change our understanding of the world of physics. So what weird habits helped him to do such formidable things? 

ParentRap via Pixabay

Albert Einstein liked to let his mind wander. Often times he would do this while on long walks along the beach or while staring at his ceiling. Whatever it is, Einstein did not let the remonstrations of his past teachers get to him. If Einstein wanted to let his mind wander, he would. And it might be this somewhat strange habit that helped him discover so much. 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a little different from some of the other stars on our list. Rather than being solely an actor or vocalist, she has done both. This impressive characteristic definitely earns her our favor. But, along with this impressive suite of talents comes a vice that many of us too understand: coffee. 

Ana Caronlina Kley Vita via Flickr

In a world where much too much has to be done, it is sometimes essential to get some help. The mild to moderate stimulant of caffeine is one such way to help. And here is where Jennifer Lopez shows us her mildly strange but also decently normal habit — she drinks a whole lot of coffee. How many cups? Two, three, four, five. Some need that energy…

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is, historically speaking, one of the most successful people on the planet. He helped to stoke the American Revolution as a Founding Father, and was similarly revered for his forays into the physics of electricity. So what strange habits did this wildly successful man have that might puzzle us? 

npg via Wikimedia Commons

Well, his habit you might not actually find that strange: Benjamin Franklin liked to wake up extremely early. Because of this, he was able to complete much of his work prior to other people. If you wanted somebody that was well-prepared, then, you could always turn to Franklin. Consider this a habit to learn from. 


If you lived during the ‘90s and early 2000’s, you’ve heard some of Eminem’s top hits. One of his albums, The Slim Shady LP, had so many hits that it’s hard to count them all. Okay, not really. But still, the number of hits had to have been accompanied by an appreciable number of strange habits. 

Mika-photography via Wikimedia Commons

One of the stranger habits of this successful rapper is that he likes — in fact, feels that he needs — to sleep in rooms with blackened walls. Perhaps he listened to that Rolling Stones song Paint it Black and was just far too compelled not to oblige. Anyways, the man feels it necessary to get a decent night’s sleep. Only a little strange…

Stephen King

Stephen King is a different breed of success. He is one to have popularized beyond comprehension the genre of horror fiction. Considering the niche quality of the stories, King was able to bring the genre mainstream with his easy-going and suspenseful prose. So what strange habits might this successful author hold? 

Stephanie Lawton via Wikimedia Commons

Stephen King likes to ensure that everything in all of his working spaces is arranged in the same way everyday that he is there. While some might ascribe this to a nervous tick, others might swear that the tidiness enables them a greater focus. Whatever it is, we might say that this habit is only a little strange. 

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, another flourishing musician, has a habit that might not be all that bad for her — at least in the scheme of things. What Perry likes to do is carry around dozens of toothbrushes around with her per day. While this might sound extraordinarily tedious, it is something she feels she has to do in order to maintain her oral health. 

slgckgc via Wikimedia Commons

So, with these toothbrushes she likes to brush her teeth a purported six times per day. While some dentists claim that this is too often to be brushing one’s teeth, stripping away the enamel that keeps those teeth healthy and strong, Katy doesn’t seem to care. Or perhaps she’s just plighted with an insurmountable OCD. We are unsure. 

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful people on the planet, maintaining a current net worth of around 90 billion dollars. That is a lot of dollars. So if wealth, prestige, and a history of brilliant inventions is any measure of success, Buffett has to be counted as one of the most successful. 

Fortune Live Media via Flickr

But with this success comes with a handful of peculiar habits. And Mr. Buffett’s favorite hobby happens to be Bridge. Yes, the card came. So while other successful people might spend their time with nervous ticks like biting their nails or meditating, Buffett goes online and throws down some hands. Very, very strange…

Nikola Tesla

While many of the man’s inventions were perhaps stifled by a world that was not ready, much of his brilliance has come to life as of late. Perhaps in part resurrected by the modern inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla had much to offer the world. And some of these things happened to be a suite of extremely strange habits. 

Unknown via Wikimedia Commons

Tesla had himself a weird sleep schedule. While many of us cherish our sleep and let few things interfere with the essential practice, other wildly successful people have differed drastically. Tesla, for instance, would sleep for only a handful of 20-minute periods per day. Weird. Anyway, he had claimed the schedule afforded him more creativity and productivity. Who are we to judge?

Keira Knightley

Some people, while sounding posh and erudite with a beautifully proper British accent, tend to have what some might refer to as a “foul mouth.” Keira Knightley, hailing from Southwest London, is one such person. In casual and formal conversation alike the actress is known to let her language slip. 

The Standard via Wikimedia Commons

There’s something about a good swear word, she just might like, that’s necessary to convey a point. While we’re not sure we’d agree on every count, we can also say that it might be a little endearing. We all might swear sometimes, so we can’t fault the actress there. Anyways, she might just let those curse words slip a little more than most. 

Tim Cook 

Another pioneer in the world of Apple products is Tim Cook. As the current CEO for Apple, he has to have a few techniques that help him with the undeniable stress that his job absolutely entails. And some of these techniques are bound to be strange beyond belief. So what, exactly, might one of these be? 

ACC via Flickr

Well, for one, the man likes to wake up at 3:30 am every morning to go to the gym. While some of us might like to wake up early and get things done, Cook seems to take this to the ultra extreme. But, to each is his own. And Cook’s tactics seem to work for him. Way to go, Mr. Cook. Perhaps we’ll try this one out some day. 

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a different type of success. As a famous producer and infamous employer of America’s got Talent, the man has to have a few tactics to stay mentally fresh and ready for the next audition. And his particular habit might have you a little perplexed. So what does Mr. Cowell do? He climbs trees. 

Alison Martin via Wikimedia Commons

While many of us have an interesting workout routine, Mr. Cowell’s strategy is even stranger. According to him, he likes to climb a tree every morning. It’s highly plausible that the tree-climbing helps him to get in touch with his inner arboreal primate. Perhaps the necessary maneuvering helps to stimulate his brain. 

Mark Zuckerburg 

As one of the youngest billionaires on the planet, Mark Zuckerburg has a wealth of oddities for us, the non-billionaire to ponder. Should we get into Harvard and then drop out? Hmm. We think not. Anyways, the man, in line with his with all of his strangeness has a few habits that make him all the stranger. 

Anthony Quintano via Wikimedia Commons

One of these habits is the weird things he eats. While he hasn’t been a weird eater, he forced himself for one time to only eat animals that he hunted himself. So, for a handful of years, Zuckerberg was eating the goats and cows that he got personal with himself. An admirable yet strange endeavor, we might say. 

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has had an interesting acting career. Other than star in roles like Bridget Jones’ Diary, the woman has gone on to grow a thriving and successful career. And with all of this success is bound to come some interesting habits. And one of these habits happens to be around frozen water. 

David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Renee Zellweger, perhaps as a strategy to keep her figure, munches on ice cubes all day. While some have said that the habit is bad for the teeth, Zellweger throws such worries to the wind. She thinks that the tactic might actually help with weight. We’re uncertain about this. What we are certain about is that the tactic is strange. Very strange indeed…


No name strikes fear and terror into the hearts and minds like Fergie. Just kidding. But what is not to be kidded about is this famous vocalists eating habits. While they might be considered scary by some, others might look at them as a necessary evil to quill the drear of life. Anyways, what weird habit does she endure? 

Alexander Cardoso via Wikimedia Commons

Fergie, unlike many of the others on this list, forces herself to take a daily shot of vinegar. The substance, or so she thinks, awakens her inner spirits and helps to wake her up. While we’re not sure it’d do the same for us, it is definitely a strange habit to abide by. Anyways, if it helps her make music then she should keep at it.

George Washington

Another extremely successful founding father — who later went on to become even more successful as the first President of the United States — was George Washington. The man, while maintaining a sterling degree of respect from all his peers, had an interesting suite of habits. One such habit was a penchant for ice cream. 

The Athenaeum via Wikimedia Commons

It is suggested, for instance, that during one particularly hot summer the man ingested a total of $200 worth of ice cream. We can assure you that this is more than we have even spent on the creamy desert. Anyways, the man swore by it, and felt it necessary to ingest the stuff in high quantities. Whatever floats your banana split, Mr. Washington. 

Jessica Simpson

To continue our trend of actresses and vocalists with mildly to extraordinarily bad habits, Jessica Simpson is next. While not somebody with a penchant for unhealthy foods like Cheetos or Burritos, Simpson does like to do something else — she likes to chew gum. Unfortunately, it’s not just any gum that she’s chewing.

PA2 Anastasia Burns via Wikimedia Commons

Jessica Simpson has developed a literal addiction to nicotine chewing gum. Yikes. So while she claims to have never smoked, she uses the gum (and the nicotine within) to calm her nerves. We’d go so far as to say this is unhealthy. You, however, can learn from her mistakes and avoid the stuff like the plague. Good luck!