1.     A Glitch In The Matrix

So the car owner probably stepped out one freezing morning and reversed the car, leaving the essence of the car front standing in cold ice. We just found a ‘glitch in the Matrix,” right?

If you live in a country or area with freezing temperatures, try to recreate this. Probably pretty tough to do. That said, it is so perfect, we’re just glad not to be there when it bulldozed to the ground.

2.  The Miracle Performing Dog

We have all heard the story of Jesus walking on water. But it’s not everyday you hear about a husky doing the same. It seems like he has found his hidden talent. We bet he feels invincible thinking he is walking on water, but apparently, there is ice somewhere beneath that thin layer of water.

Although logic explains what is going on in this picture, we must pat the photographer on the back for perfect timing. Let’s just pretend there is no ice, and this dog actually has superpowers, because that it the world we choose to live in.

3.     Balloon Man

So, we have seen floating superman, a suited Ironman,…and now, Balloon Man?

Let’s be honest: you are zooming in to this photo and trying to figure out what is going on. Is there a hidden stick that allows that man to rest his feet on?

Surely, that girl is not big enough to hold his weight, and certainly, you will need a lot of balloons to carry a man that high up.

What do you think? How is he doing that?

4. The Archway by the Beach

If Michelangelo were alive, he would applaud this gravity-defying archway. Undoubtedly, the creator of this masterpiece archway by the beach deserves credit for his skill and balance.

It looks so perfect, it makes you wonder how someone did that. And actually, makes us think about all archways… how did they stack them up without any support or bonding agent?

This photo is one of the best gravity-defying images, and whoever did this should definitely consider a career in architecture.

5. The Houdini Spaghetti

We’ve all heard about Houdini’s levitation tricks.  It seems like this bowl of spaghetti may have taken a lesson or two from the pages of Houdini’s magic book.

As if levitating spaghetti were not enough – it took the fork with it for a little extra awe.

The trick is the freezing temperatures where someone held the spaghetti in the air using a fork. The temperature sets in, resulting in a frozen spaghetti tower hardening enough to support its own weight.

6. Spider Goats

Speaking of super hero talents: These spider goats are a perfect candidate for Avengers. Why not? If a Raccoon can make it to the team, and what these guys can do makes the world’s greatest parkour lovers look amateur.

These goats live in the mountains and have mastered the art of climbing the steepest of rocky formations without breaking a sweat. It seems like someone caught them resting during their climbing endeavor.

7. The Frozen Waves

While Moses split the Nile so that he could cross it, Mother Nature took a step further and froze these blue water waves in the middle of the air.

These look like a magical moment frozen in time or a scene from Narnia. The guy trying to climb the waves is in for a daunting challenge if he wants to get to the top. But it must feel good to stand on top of a giant frozen wave. Elsa would be jealous.

8. The camera adds 10 lb

Are walruses made of air? If not that how do you explain this picture? Walruses are magnificent creatures, but they are certainly not known for being lightweight.

But this is just a mere stroke of luck that this walrus can carelessly sit on the edge of what looks like an icy mushroom formation.

If only he knew that he could make a huge splash if this flaky edge gave way.

9.  Hold on to the Edge

Would you dare to stand under this structure? We certainly would think twice. It looks like the rock is going to tip over anytime now.

Imagine being someone responsible for sending this rock down. Oops.

Well, probably a mere lean or a push will not do it – but a scary thought indeed.

The question is, how did that rock end up there, or who put it there? There is no other mountain from where this rock would have fallen over—scratching your head? So are we.

10.  Balancing the Equation

This guy takes balancing his equations quite seriously. Or is it just that sitting on the bench was not giving him enough adrenaline? That said, how did he get on that chair while keeping it balanced on the top of such a thin board?

Maybe someone held it in place while this guy got on the chair and found the right position to keep it balanced?

Anyhow, what a way to do your homework. He can literally claim that writing that essay required great dedication and concentration.

We think he deserves an A no matter what he wrote.