Bizarre critters that only come out at night, Red-eyed tree frog

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10. Kinkajou

The kinkajou is a rare mammal found in tropical rainforests. It belongs to the family of ringtails, raccoons, coatis, and other similar creatures. It is also referred to as “honey bear,” no confirmed relationship with honey badger. While this creature may seem adorable at first sight, It’s not exactly known for being cuddly.

Nocturnal Animals, KinkajouNocturnal Animals, Kinkajou
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Kinkajous are native to South America and Central America. Though sightings are rare, the Kinkajou is far from extinct. The Kinkajou’s eyes are arguably their most terrifying feature when they catch light in the dark. You’re not alone.

9. Indian Flying Fox

The Indian flying fox is not only the largest bat in India, but may also be the biggest in the world. It’s considerably heavier than regular bats, with some clocking in at a whooping 4lbs. What’s more: Their wingspan can range from 1.2 to 1.5 meters wide – massive.

Little Red Flying Fox, animals that only come out at night and are scaryLittle Red Flying Fox, animals that only come out at night and are scary
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This creature only comes out at night and looks bizarre because of its strange color, a blend of yellow, brown and grey. This creature has unusually large eyes and leathery wings that would send a chill up the spine of Dracula himself.

8. Owl

Owls may not be the scariest animal on this list, but they are the honorary ambassadors of Halloween for a reason.

These magnificent birds are mysterious, enigmatic, spooky, and in some cases, lovable. With more than 200 owl species spanning across every continent (except Antartica), this creature’s senses are incredibly tuned in order to spot dinner in the dead of night.

Southern White-faced owl, nocturnal animals that are scary Southern White-faced owl, nocturnal animals that are scary

The thing that makes owls scary for some people is the fact that they can turn their heads around at almost 360 degrees, a la the Exorcist. Owls are also very silent and still, qualities that help them remain undetected as they target their prey.

7. Tarsier

Tarsiers are often found in highly vegetated forests of South East Asia. While some records show that these animals used to initially live in Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia, they are now only restricted to a limited number of Islands in the Southern Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

scariest animals that only come out at night, tasierscariest animals that only come out at night, tasier

The Tarsier is a nocturnal animal and look like the accidental offspring of a monkey and a bat. Tarsiers are quite elusive and shy in nature, and they usually come out only when they are certain no one is around, which makes their sightings rare.

6. Eyelash Viper

Unlike most creatures mentioned in this list, the Eyelash viper not only looks terrifying, but is actually really dangerous. Mostly found in South and Central America, this arboreal species has a wide range of color variations and scales. What makes the eyelash viper so dangerous is that its venom can kill any creature right away.

Scariest animals that only come out at night, the Eyelash ViperScariest animals that only come out at night, the Eyelash Viper

The viper’s triangular, wide head add to its threatening appearance. Eyelash vipers have fangs that are similar to hypodermic needles in the upper part of their front jaw. The most standout feature of this creature, however, is its modified scales that look like eyelashes, the reason behind its strange name.

5. Civet

Civet is a lesser-known nocturnal mammal closely related to creatures like mongooses and weasels. The animal is abundantly present in places like Namibia, Botswana, Somalia, Senegal, and other parts of the sub Saharan Africa.

Scariest animals that only come out at night, CivetScariest animals that only come out at night, Civet
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Unfortunately, the African civet faces deforestation and habitat loss, pushing its survival skills to the max. It is also often targeted by poachers and hunters who covet it for making perfumes. What makes this creature’s appearance unsettling aree it’s fully pitch black eyes and sharp canine teeth.

4. The Red-Eyed Frog

The red-eyed frog is an amphibian with colorful sides, bright red eyes, and a face that looks quite different from your average frog. What makes this creature stand out from others in this list is that it looks captivating and bizarre at the same time.

Bizarre critters that only come out at night, Red-eyed tree frogBizarre critters that only come out at night, Red-eyed tree frog
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Red-eyed toads have been around for millions of years. Red-eyed frogs spend most of their time hiding inside or behind trees. They wait until nightfall to make their moves in finding dinner, mates, and water. It’s just safer that way for these lil guys.

3. Small-Eared Galago

The small-eared Galago is a small, rodent like animal that excels at climbing and navigating the branches of trees canopies. Their ears and eyes are quite large compared to their tiny snouts and unusually round head. Galagos are usually found around Eastern African coastal regions like Tanzania, Somalia and some parts of Kenya.

Bizarre nocturnal animals, small-eared galagoBizarre nocturnal animals, small-eared galago
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Galagos are predominantly nocturnal creatures. They sleep throughout the day and only come out in the darkness of night. Their diet generally consists of things like insects and fruits. However, should the opportunity present itself, they will happily dine on some mollusks and fish.

2. Rocco Toads

Rocco toads are massive toads that can be found in different South American areas. This creature is capable of growing as large as Marine or Cane toads, which makes their appearance foreboding.

It’s not just looks either – Rococo toads are highly poisonous.

Bizarre critters that only come out at night, rococo ToadBizarre critters that only come out at night, rococo Toad

Rocco toads are nocturnal by nature and look quite terrifying because of their large, pitch black eyes and slimy skin. Some people like to keep these poisonous toads as pets. Handle at your own risk.

1.     Pygmy Slow Loris

Pygmy slow loris are about ten inches long and are quite light (around two or three pounds). Their coloration can vary significantly, ranging from reddish to light brown with a black midline on the back and neck. Slow Lorises don’t have tails and are quite secretive in nature. Very little information about them.

Bizarre creatures that only come that at night, pygmy slow lorisBizarre creatures that only come that at night, pygmy slow loris
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While this animal may seem spooky, it is virtually harmless and only comes out in search of food and shelter. It’s more scared of you than you are of it, and will make run for it at the first sign of life.

All these animals are part of nature’s marvelous absurdity, each just. trying to get by every day like the rest of us, under the cloak of night.